Just a human who loves design  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

For the last 2+ years, I've been working as a UI/UX designer, through freelance and agency.

I currently work as a junior product designer at Farfetch.

My favourite tool to work with is Figma -however I am also fluent in Sketch, Adobe CC, XD and others.

I know a thing or two on how to make:

Websites  (01)

I have worked on websites covering a wide range of niches, including but not limited to student event bookings, appointment scheduling, car accessories, gamification platforms and beauty products.

Apps (02)

Between working as co-founder of an NGO and other independent projects, I have acquired a depth of understanding related to app design.

3D Design(03)

I am self-teaching 3D and XR. I'm excited for the future of tech wherein users can enjoy a blended experience between physical and digital spheres.

Here are some of my favourite shots.