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iHeal Org

Product Design
Leading the development of the MVP for an app that helps survivors of sexual violence.
Screens for the MVP

The iHeal Org is an NGO that I cofounded with the aim of helping survivors of sexual violence in Nigeria. One of the main projects within the organisation is the creation of an app that allows users to find help near them as fast as possible. We have partnered with many of the leading NGO's and organisations in Nigeria to provide a directory for our users.

I lead the design of the MVP which we are still completing. Find out more on our website.

App Process

Throughout the process of building the app, we have followed the agile approach to create the MVP. Prior to onboarding 2 designers, I had completed a draft design which we audited and conducted User Research on to improve and turn into the MVP.

If you are interested in donating, investing or talking more about the NGO / APP, please email

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