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E-Commerce Sites

A catalogue of some of the e-commerce sites that I have worked on.

The following projects highlight the best of my e-commerce UX Projects.

Within the design process for all the projects mentioned below, I strived to follow the key e-commerce UX principles;

  • Ensuring the site remains usable for all users.
  • Ensuring accessibility guidelines are followed so no user is alienated.
  • Information is communicated clearly so trust with the user can be built.
  • Keeping the purchase journey in mind so users can easily interact, find and buy a product.
  • Ensuring designs follow the Companies brand and design guidelines to increase desirability.


Utilised data from hotjar and a product page audit to redesign the Product page. The redesigned page in collaboration with the marketing team saw a 1% conversion rate increase along with 267% increase in revenue.

Been London

Redesigned the product page to give users a more intuitive and usable experience.

Seat x Cupra

Reworked existing Seat pages to reflect the new Cupra Design System.

Make It Mine

UX Strategy and design for the 'PopBox' purchase path.

Other Projects